City of Lincoln to get grant money for recycling facilities


LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Soon the city of Lincoln will have a new truck which will help keep recycling facilities clean and up to par.

The city is getting $168,000 in grant money from the Nebraska department of environment and energy.

It’s broken up into two separate grants The larger grant is $132,000 primarily meant to pay for a rear-loading truck.

That truck, estimated for $114,000, would help the city load recycling at their 19 city and nine county sites, and not have to rely on a contractor.

“This vehicle is just there to help us out in times of when it exceeds what our collection service can actually do,” said Donna Garden, Lincoln Transportation and Utilities. “It will also help us out there on some of the county sites as well.”

Other goals for that grant money include funding 12 surveillance cameras at various recycling sites, updating the solid waste management plan for 2040 and funding a waste measurement tracking program.

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