City’s curbside recycle program makes changes


The City of Clinton is making changes to its residential curbside recycling program.

Effective July 1, the City will no longer be able to accept glass through residential collection. According to Chris Medlin, Public Works and Utilities Director, if any glass is found in the recycling, the City will be subject to fines and penalties, which will compromise the entire program.

“Curbside recycling programs depend on a complex global market,” Medlin said. “For a variety of reasons, the value of recycled glass has declined over the past several years. The City has been informed the facility we take our recycling to will no longer be accepting or processing glass.”

For residents who utilize the residential curbside recycling program, those clean glass items can be brought to the city’s recycling convenience center on West John Street near downtown Clinton. This glass will be taken to a facility that only recycles glass.

“This is not a sign that the City’s recycling program is regressing,” Medlin added. “This change makes our recycling program stronger by keeping up with the current recycling market trends and improves the programs long term viability.”

Residential curbside items accepted are:

• Plastics No. 1 through No. 7

• Aluminum cans

• Tin or metal cans

• Un-waxed chipboard cardboard (cereal boxes, pizza boxes)

• Newspapers

• Magazines, catalogues, pamphlets

• Telephone books

• Office paper

• Shredded paper

• Junk mail

• Envelopes

• Posters, greeting cards, art paper

• Cash register, adding machine, fax and computer paper

• Aluminum foil

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