City’s Waste Division makes changes to increase recycling


The new logo features a blue and green Earth-shaped symbol surrounded by the well-recognized three chasing arrows recycling symbol. Inside the symbol are a row of trees next to a roadway, a bulldozer, a garbage container and a bag of recycling.

RAPID CITY S.D. – The City’s Solid Waste Division is launching a new website and logo as a way of actively promoting their line of services and products; with an overall goal of increasing recycling in the community.

Among the new features on the website is a map search enabling homeowners to determine their curbside trash and recycling pickup day. Homeowners can also register to receive e-mail alerts about their curbside pickups and access a ‘What Goes Where?’ portal to determine how to dispose of particular items including household waste, recyclable materials, yard waste, hazardous materials, construction items, bulk metal and bulky items. They also make their contact information easily accessible on the new website.

The main emphasis of the new website is to promote and increase recycling among Rapid City residents. According to their press release, the average recycling participation for Rapid City residents is 10-14 percent and Solid Waste officials would like to see overall participation rates increase to 30-35 percent which is achieved in some areas of the City.

In the first eight months of this year, the City’s Solid Waste Division has diverted 47,000 tons of material from landfills.

In another effort to increase recycling in Rapid City, the Solid Waste Division is replacing current 35-gallon recycling containers with 65-gallon containers at no additional cost to residents.

They hope that with new containers, and more awareness with their new logo and website, we will see a boost in Rapid City’s recycling numbers. For more information visit their website,



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