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Bimbo Bakeries USA/Valdese Good Neighbor Project 2017 photo

Employees of Bimbo Bakeries USA in Valdese install landscaping at a new park in Valdese as part of the company’s “Good Neighbor Project.”

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY – Bimbo Bakeries USA, the largest baking company in the United States, has partnered with international recycling leader TerraCycle to make their bread, buns, bagels and English muffin bags in the U.S. nationally recyclable.

As an added incentive, for every pound of packaging waste sent to TerraCycle through the Bimbo Bakeries USA Bag Recycling Program, collectors earn points that can be used for charitable gifts or converted to cash and donated to nonprofit organizations of their choice.

Bimbo Bakeries USA has a branch in Valdese.

“Because plastic bags, like those used in our packaging, are not recyclable today through household recycling streams, most end up in landfills,” said Fred Penny, president of Bimbo Bakeries USA. “Expanding our partnership with TerraCycle enables consumers across the country to easily recycle our plastic bags from their own homes at no charge. This was an important, immediate action for our company as we work toward our commitment of 100 percent sustainable packaging by 2025. As the first and only baking company to partner with TerraCycle, we have already recycled more than 5 million pounds of waste and look forward to enabling consumers to divert more millions of pounds of plastic from landfills.”

To recycle your empty bread, buns, bagels and English muffin bags, sign up on the TerraCycle program page at, collect your packaging and mail it in using the free prepaid shipping label. All submitted packaging is cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products.

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