Contaminated Recycling an Issue in Delaware


DOVER, Del.- Officials with agencies and companies involved with recycling in Delaware say the issue of contaminated material could make services more costly for consumers.

Officials with Republic Recycling Services have been making presentations to local municipalities and counties to discuss the issues, most recently addressing the issue at Kent County’s Levy Court this week.

Among the biggest concerns raised by the waste disposal company were unclean recyclable containers and plastic bags showing up in recycling bins.

Mike Parkowski with the Delaware Solid Waste Authority said oftentimes recyclable containers aren’t clean of food material before they’re placed in bins.

“Whether that be grease or leftover residue from peanut butter or baked beans or whatever — that’s going to make it harder for them to make a clean product,” he said.

Parkowski said higher quality standards required for recyclable materials in China have made things more difficult for companies selling their recyclable materials, which could ultimately cause a trickle down price increase for services.

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