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DAPHNE, Ala. (WALA) – In an effort to cut costs associated with a $500,000 recycling program, the city of Daphne is moving to overhaul its recycling services. 

The City Council is moving to shut down it’s Recycling Drop Off, reduce the frequency of home pickup and raising the monthly waste fee by about $3 dollars, Councilman Ron Scott says. The changes will require a public hearing and vote, but Scott says the likelihood of them happening are very high. 

Daphne shutting down Recycling Drop Off in overhaul of city's recycling program

With the value of plastic plummeting, the city found itself in a significant financial crunch as processing centers are not buying recyclables like they used to. 

“We spent 20 years educating people about recycling and we are going to need to kind of re-educate them about what we can and cannot take,” Scott said. “But we don’t want to abandon it all together.”

Though Daphne’s Recycling Drop-Off will close, the city intends on reopening it for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, before closing it again in January 2020. The frequency of home pickup will reduce to once every two weeks. 

“Hopefully we’ll get this thing finalized in the next 30 to 60 days,” Scott said. “We need as much public input as we can possibly get.”

FOX10 will update this story when a public hearing on the recycling changes is scheduled. 

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