Digital Original: Sea Lions at the Fair are showing the importance of recycling


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – For the second year in a row, the sea lions are back at the Arkansas State Fair. 

The free show draws smiles and applause from crowds of all ages. 

Poonki, the sea lion, is showing just how easy and important it is to recycle plastic.

However, the show is doing more than just that – it’s helping to spread the importance of conservation. 

“If you show a kid a sea lion recycling. They may go home and be like ‘mom guess what I saw at the fair today this sea lion recycled’,” says Xania Alexandra, 25, a trainer at Sea Lion Splash. 

Alexandra says she hopes the show helps bring awareness of the importance of conservation and hopefully help keep wildlife safe. 

“All of our animals are animal ambassadors for their counterparts. If we could do anything to help their wild counterparts out there, that would be the main goal to conserve and protect all of those animals,” she explains.  

Alexandra has been working with the sea lions for more than 7 years.

The show runs three times a day, every day of the fair and the public is offered an opportunity to take photos with the sea lions at the end of some shows (depending on the sea lions mood). 

Alexandra says she doesn’t force the sea lions to pose for pictures, so if they are having an off day and jump back in the water – the person may have to wait for the next show. 

Here are the showtimes of the Sea Lion Splash:  




For more details about the Arkansas State Fair, click here.

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