Dumping recycling comes at a high cost



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  Augusta, Ga (WJBF) When it comes to recycling in Augusta, it looks to be cheaper to keep it.  

 Commissioners were scheduled to vote Tuesday ending curbside recycling as part of the city’s trash pickup program. 

 But documents from the landfill said while the program loses almost 300 thousand dollars, it would cost the city more than two million dollars to end recycling under the current contracts with the private haulers.  

“I’m really disappointed in the fact that we are just now hearing about this since we had this very same discussion nearly six months ago and out department head out at the landfill did not bring this to our attention that is really concerning to me,” says Commissioner Brandon Garrett. 

The city’s contracts with the private haulers do not expire until the end of next year, that’s when the city could change the recycling program with no new costs. 

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