E-waste Recycling Is Not Easy As It Seems…


How did even people think that e-waste recycling is EASY anyway?

Many people have the thought that

why should I be paying when I’m recycling my E-waste.

If you have lived abroad you would be familiar that if you do not recycle your e-waste properly, you can be sued.

There are a lot of countries that requires consumers and companies to recycle their e-waste and pay for the fees that covers on transportation, segregation, dissembling and other processes to ensure that e-waste can be recycled. This is because developed countries have foreseen that the future of e-waste would be piling up in landfills and it will contribute to numerous of environmental and health concerns.

What about Malaysia? In Malaysia, Malaysians are not even aware of what is e-waste even though they are consuming it.

Most of them would get rid with the general waste which is why our landfills are piling up with e-waste. If we keep being ignorant about our waste piling out in the landfills, it will be already late when you realized that you should not be piling up the landfills. The regret will kicks in 10 years later and you will feel sorry for the next generation because we take it for granted when we had the chance to recycle and actually make money out of it.

We need to start thinking and acting out for the next generation’s sake. We need to preserve the earth that we are living it and stop taking it for granted.

There are a lot of news that fishes in the sea died because consuming too much waste such as plastic, and it is possible that in the future that humans will start dumping their e-waste in the ocean as well. We have to stop being greedy and selfish, we created the mess and it is our duty to think of the solution to clean it up.

Despite the news on new technology, have you ever wondered, with the advancement of technology that we have now, phones and laptops from every brands that are coming out almost every week. Where did you put the older ones or where does the manufacturers put the older version?

Take a minute of your day to think what have you done to the environment, if you can’t think of any, try adding one, if you have listed a few, then add one more ; (read: recycle your electronics). Recycle your electronics with Used Computer Malaysia and get your cash in return.

This is recycling and not trade in, we encourage to recycle your electronics we consider on the items that are being neglected because the cost of fixing it is more than buying a new one. Recycle your electronics for the earth and for your own good.



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