ECO Green Equipment Debuts EcoRazor 63 for Off-the-Road Tire Recycling


While there is a lot of industrial tire recycling equipment out there, it takes special machinery to handle mining and off-the-road (OTR) tires. To facilitate the efficient recycling of these massive tires, ECO Green is proud to debut the EcoRazor 63.

ECO Green is a leading tire recycling equipment manufacturer. They offer turnkey systems and integrated equipment that help companies recycle tires faster and more cost-effectively than their competitors. They create rubber tire shredders, grinders, conveying and screening equipment, bagging stations and control panels to help their clients turn used tires into a variety of valuable rubber aftermarkets. These include rubber mulch for asphalt, landscaping, and flooring, recycled tires, tire-derived fuels, and automotive parts.

Brad Swenson, ECO Green President, said that while his company is constantly innovating new equipment for efficient rubber recycling, he is especially excited about the unique capabilities of the EcoRazor 63. “This machine is able to break down some of the biggest tires on Earth,” said Swenson. “It has some proprietary features that allow it to remove all of the valuable rubber from these tires with unprecedented efficiency and prepare them for downstream processing.”

The patent-pending EcoRazor 63 is equipped with an articulating head that facilitates three-sided rubber removal from OTR tires. Its adjustable knives allow for control of output size, allowing clients to target the most valuable size on the market. Once the high quality rubber has been retrieved by ECO Green’s specialized mining tire equipment, the remaining tire can be sent for additional processing or be converted into products such as water tanks or wear strips.

The EcoRazor 63 follows the debut of the ECO Green Colorizer Equipment line, which was hailed as the most efficient colorizer line in the tire recycling industry, capable of coloring up to 10,000 pounds of rubber waste per hour for use as mulch and colored surfaces, such as park walkways, playgrounds and athletic fields.

To learn more about ECO Green Equipment or the EcoRazor 63, visit or call (801) 505-6841.

About Eco Green Equipment

Eco Green Equipment specializes in tire recycling. The company prides itself as the global leader in cost-effective turnkey tire recycling systems.

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