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Electronics recycling event to be held Oct. 22

The Jefferson College Environment and Safety committee and Jefferson County will partner with Midwest Recycling Center to host an electronics recycling event on Thursday, Oct. 22, from 11 a.m.- 1 p.m. on the Hillsboro campus at the Yellow parking lot near the Veterans Memorial and Fine Arts building.

For more information about the E-Cycle Electronics Drop-Off event at Jefferson College, call 636-797-5043 or 314- 691-3469.

For safety precautions, those who have items to drop off should remain in their vehicle during the unload process.

The annual public service event is held in an effort to identify simple, practical ways to make the campus and the surrounding region more environmentally friendly. Specifically, the E-Cycle Electronics Drop-Off is designed to protect the environment by providing the opportunity to dispose of unwanted electronics responsibly.

All electronics and appliances are accepted. The basic rule is that MRC will accept anything electronic (even if it is broken). The only items not accepted are thermostats and light bulbs. For a list of all items that are accepted, free of charge, visit https://mrcrecycling.net/list.

Some items will incur a recycling fee (cash only accepted for payment):

  • CRT Monitors – $5
  • CRT TVs 26” or less – $30
  • CRT TVs 27” or greater – $50
  • Wood console and true big screen/projection TVs – $50
  • LED/LCD/plasma TVs – $20
  • Any Freon containing unit – $10

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