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Fire at Rumpke Recycling in St. Bernard under investigation



After a fire at Rumpke recycling service, service will continue as usual on Thursday, officials said.

The fire started around 2:30 a.m. at Rumpke Recycling in St. Bernard. Officials said no one was hurt during the incident. 

The fire occurred in a paper storage bunker within the recycling center. The fire suppression systems immediately activated and employees evacuated. 

“Our employees acted swiftly and appropriately to ensure safety and a quick response,” Area Safety Manager Bridgett Biggs said in a statement. “We are very thankful for the outstanding assistance from local fire departments.”

Rumpke service will occur on schedule without interruption, Biggs said.

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Crews will remain at the recycling center to monitor and investigate the situation as well as evaluate the damage, officials said. 

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