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Recycling in
Grand Forks is going to get tossed around over the next year to gauge the viability
of the program. The city council gave
preliminary approval to a one year extension of the current agreement this
week. Over the next 12 months staff will
evaluate the benefits and shortcomings of the program that dates back to 1990.

The cost of
recycling will increase 11% for residential and 5% for drop-off sites in
2021. The city will absorb the hike within the existing budget rather
than pass it on to residents. Changing
markets and economic factors are making it more difficult for vendors to turn a

member Bret Weber is a long-time recycling supporter. Weber says it’s possible we have “exposed some long term truths that we chose not to see…especially with recycling plastics…and it could lead to some tough decisions.” According to Weber plastics are no longer being recycled in any meaningful way.

President Dana Sande says the study should focus on fees to make sure they are

Right now
the cost of recycling is built into the overall sanitation bill – which
averages $18.89 for the average residential user.

According to
the Public Works Department upwards of 45% of residents utilize bi-weekly curbside recycling. Around 75% of homes recycle in some way – curbside
or drop-off.

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