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If you read this blog regularly it will come as no surprise that I love making projects that light up and Craft Blocks that are plastic “glass” blocks are a great base to make Halloween decorations that light up. This illuminated black cat looks great with my other Halloween creations and a sort of “word rock” but actually a dinosaur glued on a rock I found in my neighborhood.

There is a hole in one side of the plastic craft block that makes it easy to pop in a string of lights.

To make the cat I sketched out cat ears, eyes and a big smiling mouth on the back side of an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of black paper. Then I filled in the opening with something a bit unexpected – recycled sewing pattern paper. I played around with each opening – taking care to find fun lines and graphics to fit in each space. I then taped the recycled sewing pattern to the back side of the black cat paper.

All that was left to do was tape the black cat to the glass block. It looks fun during the day when it isn’t illuminated and at night when I plug in the lights.



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