Global recycling markets make it difficult for Idaho Falls to recycle


Global recycling markets make it difficult for Idaho Falls to recycle


We have been told the best way to save Mother Earth is by recycling, but for some people in Idaho Falls, that’s becoming much more difficult to do.

The Pacific Recycling facility currently used by Idaho Falls informed the city they will no longer be able to accept paper or plastics.

Pacific Recycling says this issue is due to the current conditions in national and global recycling markets.

The place we were taking our recyclables like paper and mixed plastic abruptly shut their door on us, I’m assuming due to the global collapsing of the prices of those items, said Kevin Greener, branch manager of Pacific Recycling in Idaho Falls.

There are some ways we can make the best out of a tough situation, and it goes back to the three Rs.

Reduce, reuse and recycle. So the items that the city is no longer taking, if you can, reduce your usage of those. Don’t get a plastic bag from your local department store. Take loft bags. Reduce those types of thing you are reusing. Reuse anything that you think you have a purpose for and recycle the things that you think are recyclable, Greener said.

The city will continue to accept glass, cardboard, tin and aluminum at all drop-off locations.

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