Global recycling shift spurs changes to Dunn County program


Dunn County (WQOW) – Dunn County is changing the way it recycles after officials said there was simply not enough money to keep the program.

Roughly 40% of the world’s recyclables are shipped to China. In 2017, they announced changes to what they would accept which made the price skyrocket.

In turn, the Dunn County Recycling Program began to run out of money.

County administrator Paul Miller told News 18 that without changes they would have had to shut it down by the end of next year.

This week, the county’s solid waste and recycling management board approved a plan to limit business hours and days of operations at recycling sites and limit some items that were costing the county money to recycle. Some of those items include beer, soda and pizza boxes along with dog and bird food bags.

Miller said the plan also raises what residents pay for recycling by an average of nearly $7,000.

The changes go into effect January 1.

The county said it is putting together a public information campaign to let people know what products will no longer be accepted.

Dunn Co. new site days and times

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