Holiday Reminder: not all wrapping paper can be recycled


Southern Oregon Sanitation would like to remind its customers that most gift wrapping cannot be recycled. Image Courtesy SOS

Christmas presents might be neatly wrapped and stacked under the tree tonight, but come tomorrow morning, living rooms everywhere will be cluttered with scraps of shredded paper. Boxes that once hid surprises will be repurposed as trash bins for crumpled balls of wrapping paper.

However, Southern Oregon Sanitation has sent out a reminder to customers that those piles of gift wrap and tissue, gift bags, bows, cards, and glitter cannot be recycled.

At this time, there is not a demand for some of these materials in our local markets and others are unable to be processed at all for recycling.

Store-bought wrapping paper, for example, is dyed, and often laminated and covered in glitter. With the added non-recyclable materials, most gift wrap must be thrown in the trash.

SOS suggests that customers “reuse materials when possible” if they want to mitigate how much holiday gift wrap goes into the trash.

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