Homewood Disposal: Don’t Recycle If You Have Coronavirus


HOMER GLEN, IL — Homewood Disposal Services, which provides refuse services for Homer Glen, is asking that households infected with the coronavirus bag all recyclable material and place it in the trash/refuse cart.

The disposal service said it employs many hands-on sorters at its recycling processing center, so it must eliminate their exposure to potentially infected recyclable material. Homeowners can recycle again once the virus is no longer present in their homes.

Homewood Disposal Services is also asking that all personal protective equipment and coronavirus-related cleaning supplies be bagged and placed in the trash/refuse cart. Rubber and plastic gloves, masks and glasses are not recyclable.

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“As of today, we have not experienced any significant shortage of drivers or recycling center employees,” Homewood Disposal Services said on Homer Glen’s website. “If we reach a severe worker shortage, certain measures may have to be taken in order to remove all waste from residences.”

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