How to add value to your Event? Do a recycling Drive : E-waste Collection


Want to add a unique element/ value for your gathering and event?


Have you ever tried counting how many e-waste in a household around your area? If you haven’t, try to estimate on how much e-waste has been made in your house and double it up to every household around your area.


It’s a common myth that recycling electronic waste can be profitable to the company by reselling the extracted metals and plastics. In reality, however, the cost of properly recycling electronic waste actually far outweighs the value of the materials inside. For this reason, it would only be possible for Usedcomputer to collect in your area if there is an e-waste collection. You can also do it from your office, encourage all the staffs to participate.

Unlike other countries, we pay for the items. You can do your own research, Countries in United States have to pay for this service but here in Malaysia, we pay for your items and the collection are free (only applicable for e-waste collection in local community). Aside from that, we also have a one stop place for the consumer with items in small quantities, they can drop it at our stores nearest to them.


We want you to spread the word –… and gain yourself some money by getting your community involved in e-waste recycling.


Malaysians rarely have their community meetings, for some people they do not even know their neighbors. Organizing an event like this will create bonding among the community, what more can you ask for, right? Nevertheless, getting money put of it is a bonus. Like the idea?



Spread the word to your neighbours and friends and we’re sure you’ll be surprised by their eager response.


Usedcomputer – Malaysian’s electronic waste recycler companion– a solution to keep Malaysia green.

At Usedcomputer we are passionate on creating awareness and educate the public on e-waste. Our main focus is to curb the landfill problems and e-waste dumping in Malaysia. To curb the problems from arising, society have to take initiatives by recycling their e-waste to us. Together we can make Malaysia, greener.

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