How to Innovatively Manage World’s Major Types of Wastes

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The overflowing landfill, increasing carbon footprint and a growing negative impact on the economy are only some of the many effects of growing amount of waste generated across the world. Let’s take a look at what are some of the most common yet major contributors of waste worldwide and how they can be managed innovatively:


Tons of e-waste is generated every year. Even with all the recycling awareness initiatives, only a meager percentage of e-waste is actually recycled across the world. Recycling e-waste has not just environmental but economical benefits also. Also, a lot of various valuable metals are recovered through recycling of e-waste. Industrial shredders are best suited for e-waste recycling. They ensure a high yield of valuable metals during the recovery process, as the shredding technique is such that it generates only a very low amount of fine particles. The industrial shredders are heavy-duty and high-volume systems specifically designed to process recycling material streams such as e-waste, plastic, paper and wood. Automated industrial shredders particularly when used for e-waste recycling also liberate materials for recycling. Besides, you can reduce pollution, save natural resources, create jobs and conserve precious landfill space. Products like mobile, circuit boards and other electronic equipment make for a great recycling opportunity.

Food Waste

Food waste tremendously affects the environment. Not only are the resources such as water, land, energy, labor, packaging, manufacturing, etc. which go into manufacturing uneaten food are wasted, but most of this also ends up in landfill. There, the food waste decomposes without access to oxygen and creates methane – which is deadlier than CO2, by manifolds.

A great option to handle food waste is by investing in a food composter. The advanced model of food composters today uses no chemical, additives, enzymes or water and dehydrate food waste by turning it into sterile biomass and potable water. The equipment is designed to control odor, emit zero greenhouse gases and doesn’t require any sanitary drain connection. It also minimizes waste hauling expenses and converts organic waste into reusable products. The result is an odor-free area and product which doesn’t harbor and protect bacteria.

Household Waste

A major chunk of your household waste can be recycled or reduced. There are numerous products in your household waste which are made up of natural raw materials like metallic ores, timber or petrochemicals. Sorting is the first major step before the actual recycling process. Make sorting simple by setting up a row of hooks to hold plastic bags or separate bins. These bags should be labeled clearly as to what it holds – plastic, glass or aluminum. Nowadays, lots of communities have recycling centers as part of their waste management program. Even the local municipality offers recycling services. You can think of reusing some of the waste products before throwing them away in the garbage or checking up with your friends or family if they can find new uses for them.

Follow the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle                                                     

Last but definitely not the least is the 3 R’s mantra – reduce, reuse and recycle. It is in fact one of the most effective ways to curb the volume of waste you generate. Start by reducing your consumption. Before you buy anything, ask yourself whether you really need it or not. If you reduce your consumption, you will automatically curtail the waste generated. Next is reusing or finding new uses for the items like clothing, food jars etc., rather than throwing them away or buying new ones. If you don’t find any use for them, maybe someone from your friends or family circle can reuse those products. Finally, recycle! Recycling not only reduces the amount of waste you contribute towards the overcrowded landfills tremendously but also gives you extracts which may be valuable. Community recycling programs are a great way to ensure that minimal amount of waste is sent to the landfills and more people are encouraged to go green. As a responsible citizen, you can contribute towards planet conservation by buying recycled products.

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