How to recycle those holiday packages, wrapping paper


WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The holiday season may bring a bit more trash in your home with boxes being delivered and gifts being wrapped.

Kansas Recycling Education Director Beth McDonald says there are a few things in your home that can be recycled instead of thrown in the trash.

Many people load their recycling bins with wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, shoe boxes and gift boxes. But, those can all be recycled

“Your wrapping paper, we can take. We really do not want ribbons and bows. They need to be paper,” says McDonald.

Its not only boxes and packaging that are recyclable. Holiday cooking creates tons of trash in your home. Baking pans, aluminum foil, and glass bottles can be recycled as long as they are cleaned out. They won’t be accepted if they have food or grease stains on them.

Be sure to set aside things like tin cans, number one and two plastics, and paperboard boxes. Most plastic bags, grocery bags, and paper bags can be recycled.

McDonald says education is a huge part of recycling.

“Our landfills are filling up and we need to do our part to help take care of our earth,” McDonald said. “Recycling is one very positive step that all of us can take to help take care of our earth.”

For a full list of recyclable items, visit: Pro Kansas Recycling Center website.

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