IDs Sought In Blewett Recycling Yard Burglary: Howell Police


HOWELL, NJ — The owners of John Blewett Recycling are offering a reward for informatino leading to the conviction of two people who broke into the company’s offices, Howell police said.

In a post of Facebook, the police department said it is seeking the identities of the two people, who broke into the company’s office on Herbertsville Road during the early hours on the weekend of Dec. 15 and 16.

“They obviously knew there was video surveillance as they covered their faces and wore gloves,” the police department post said. “What they didn’t realize was there were no significant proceeds to steal. They did manage to score a pocket full of loose change.”

Police said the $1,000 reward for the identification and subsequent arrest of those involved is “far more than what was stolen.”

Anyone with information about the people involved can contact Howell police through Facebook messenger on the department’s Facebook page (click here), can call them directly at 732-938-4111; email Detective Nagy at, or use the anonymous tip service

“We remind those who may feel it’s necessary or be tempted to steal from others that there are alternatives — legal choices,” Police Chief Andrew Kudrick Jr. said. “Despite your background or situation, simply ask us for help. We and our community have the resources and the desire to assist you. However be reminded, if you chose to victimize those in this community, we have the resources and the desire to pursue you until you are apprehended.”

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Photos via Howell Township Police

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