Indonesia relies on imported plastics as recycling woes hold nation back – National


The country’s plastic industry must import plastic scraps because its waste management system has failed to produce a sufficient supply of the plastic that is needed for raw materials, a government official has said.
The Environment and Forestry Ministry’s director for the chemical downstream industry, Taufiek Bawazier, said local industry players had to import 350,000 tons of plastic scrap last year to meet the national demand of 7.3 million tons.
Local plastic collectors only contributed 1.1 million tons, he said, with the remaining plastic coming from locally produced sources at 2.3 million tons and virgin plastic imports at 3.5 million.
“If we establish a good waste management system, which is the job of the Environment and Forestry Ministry and local administrations as stipulated in the 2008 law on waste management, industry players won’t need to imp…

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