Industrial Shredders: A Must-Read Guide for Businesses Big and Small

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Industrial shredders used for shredding or reducing various types of materials ranging from paper to wood have seen a significant growth in their demand across various industries. Their design has also drastically transformed over the years so that they deliver more with less or minimal efforts. They are equipped with varied types of cutting systems which include single-shaft, two-shaft, three-shaft, four-shaft, horizontal shaft as well as vertical shaft cutting systems.

These recycling systems play an indispensible role in numerous industries across the world. They offer great benefits on cost, waste management, and security fronts. Let’s take a look at the various applications of industrial shredders and how you can choose the right type of industrial shredder for a greener and more profitable bottom line of your business.

What Are the Various Applications of an Industrial Shredder?

  • Paper Recycling – Paper shredders today are designed with the latest technology and are capable of shredding waste paper into as fine as 1/8”slices or even smaller. These advanced recycling systems are used to shred a wide variety of paper waste including newspapers, magazines, cardboard box full of paper waste etc. Hence, they are perfectly suited for varied organizations such as hospitals, banks, schools, offices, warehouses, etc.
  • Plastic Recycling – Plastic shredders, the plastic recycling systems are designed to handle a variety of plastic waste such as PVC, vinyl, long strips, plastic bottles, etc. They usually come with an advanced feeding mechanism which is equipped to handle huge volumes of plastic waste. These recycling systems offer flexibility, durability, ease of operation, versatility, and ease of maintenance.
  • Tire Recycling – Tire shredders are recycling systems for processing old and waste tires into tire shreds which are then used for various purposes. Tire shredding business is a lucrative option today because of the multiple uses of tire shreds or tire chips such as rubberized asphalt, landfill cover, boiler fuels, etc. You can choose from stationary as well as mobile, industrial tire shredders which are capable of processing scrap tires ranging anywhere between 1 to 10 tons per hour.
  • Wood Recycling – Recycling equipment called a chipper shredder is used for recycling wood. It consists of well-engineered recycling systems which offer comprehensive waste management solutions. These shredders are capable of recycling various types of wood waste. The advanced systems also come with a feature of bagging the shredded waste.
  • E-Waste Recycling – Industrial shredder designed to recycle e-waste can mince, chop and shred laptops, hard drives and other electronic devices into minute inaccessible fragments. Several precious metals are recovered from the electronic scrap during the recycling process. Hence, for a high yield during recovery, it is essential that the shredding process should generate only a very low amount of fine particles.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Shredder?

You can look at the following check list of criteria to ensure that you choose the right industrial shredder:

  • Shredder capacity should be rated as per your requirement
  • Should be suitable for your material and capable of delivering desired output particle size and consistency
  • Design and cutter chamber size should be suitable for your material
  • Your electrical service should be able to meet the shredder’s power requirement
  • Consider its maintenance requirements
  • Check whether the manufacturer has long-term experience and a good reputation for customer service
  • Check with your supplier for financing options

We at Compactor Management Company can help you choose the perfect industrial shredder for a variety of applications. So get in touch with our experts today and recycle waste in-house to reap more profits for your business.

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