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Paper egg trays are thought to be a sustainable packaging material because it is created from recycled materials which can be used over and over after its useful life cycle. Paper pulp is usually produced from cheap raw materials like original wood pulp and waste paper like old newspapers, books, and recycled paper products. Using paper egg trays greatly reduces environmental pollution by cutting down on using plastic products. Paper egg trays provide excellent protection for that safe transportation and storage of eggs. That’s why paper pulp egg tray machinery is getting popular.

The paper pulp molding industry is developing extremely fast to meet the interest in products which are eco friendly, lightweight, and tough. With all the wide use of paper trays, automatic egg tray making machines have grown to be increasingly popular. An automatic egg tray machine uses a fully automatic production process, such as a dryer and hot press, and might produce 5,000, 6,000, and 7000 egg trays an hour. Automatic egg tray machines can produce high-quality egg trays that can protect eggs from:

Automatic Egg Tray Machine

– damage

– micro-organisms

– mechanical shock during transportation, storage and handling deterioration from high temperatures

moisture loss, natural or else.

– manual (producing between one thousand and 1,500 pieces each hour)

– semi-automatic (producing 2,000 – 5,000 pieces per hour)

– automatic (producing 5,000 – 7,500 pieces each hour).

With so many egg tray making machines out there, it could be confusing to know how to select the best quality machine for the business. When purchasing a paper egg tray making machine there are certain major things to look out for. Listed here are some pointers to go by:

– The key aspect in all manufacturing industries is safety. When manufacturing paper egg trays, you should make safety important. This includes investing in a high-quality machine containing built in safety measures and appropriate circuit installation to ensure the safety of workers as well as to protect your valuable equipment. Machinery ought to always be thoroughly checked and well-maintained and any instability should be attended to from a professional machinery technician.

– Be sure that the machine has a top quality control system to assure quality products, durability, along with a long service life under stable working conditions.

– A qualification rate is crucial in all industries like a high qualification rate leads to high production and efficiency. A top-notch-rated egg tray machine will produce high-quality products.

– Pulping Process

During the pulping process, the raw materials are together with water to make a slurry that is utilized to create the egg trays.

– Molding Process

Using vacuum absorption and negative pressure the slurry is molded into egg tray shapes. Different molds may be used to produce other paper trays for example apple as well as other fruit and vegetable trays for instance.

Egg Tray Making Process

– Drying Process

In the drying process the wet, semi-finished molds are dried in both metallic or brick tray drying line. A high-quality drying process is important to reduce losses from poorly-formed trays.

– Packaging Process

A hot press machine is commonly used to tightly pack considerable amounts of trays together, whereafter they may be packaged based on the requirements of your customer. A hot press machine offers a convenient approach to package and transport paper egg trays.

When beginning an egg tray supply business it is important that you purchase a high quality egg tray making machine that can develop a consistent source of high-quality egg trays that are in these sought after on the market.

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