Japan’s Unicharm to set up network to recycle dirty diapers


Japanese daily goods maker Unicharm Corp. said Thursday that it will set up at least 10 bases throughout Japan to collect and recycle used disposable diapers by the end of 2030.

As many of the used diapers for babies and older people are incinerated, the company hopes to speed up moves to recycle them and to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions.

Unicharm has already developed a special technology to recover pulp fibers from used diapers and clean them.

The company has been conducting tests on collecting and recycling used diapers in Shibushi and Osaki in Kagoshima Prefecture since 2016.

In view of the increasing use of adult disposable diapers reflecting the aging society in Japan, Unicharm says it believes it is essential to collect used products more efficiently. To this end, the company plans to set up the recycling network as soon as possible in cooperation with local governments concerned.

The company also aims to use the recycled pulp in its new products that are currently being developed.

“We’ll accelerate moves to promote recycling,” Unicharm President Takahisa Takahara said at a news conference.


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