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READY TO RECYCLE — JB Green Team employees Carl Jahncke, Glenn Scurry and Robert “Andy” Kuchinski stand in front of a recycling container at the Fort Steuben Mall parking lot near JC Penney. Residents are encouraged to recycle paper products at the location until Nov. 16. Proceeds from the effort will be distributed to food pantries. (Contributed photo)

STEUBENVILLE — The JB Green Team has announced the return of the “Stock the Pantry” activity.

JB Green Team officials will be collecting paper and cardboard at the Fort Steuben Mall to help local pantries. Proceeds from the paper recycling will be distributed to food pantries.

Jefferson County residents are encouraged toe bring mixed paper, paper products, books and cardboard to the Ft. Steuben Mall parking area in front of the JC Penney store until Nov. 16.

“JB Green Team is asking residents to help our local food pantries by participating in this paper recycling event,” said E. Louise Holliday, environmental educator. “All proceeds from the paper will be donated to food pantries. We know people are working hard to make ends meet, and JB Green Team wants to help do their part by stocking the shelves in the area pantries so, look for our blue recycling drop off container with the banner, in front of Penney’s at the Ft. Steuben Mall parking lot.”

According to Anita Petrella, executive director of JB Green Team, the “Stock the Pantry-America Recycles Day” is held annually, and JB Green Team has collected and recycled 185,924 pounds — or 93 tons — of paper and paper products.

“In 2019, we collected 35,340 pounds of paper and our goal is to collect and recycled 10 percent more paper in 2020, Petrella said. “We know times are hard this year, and JB Green Team would like to help local pantries again this holiday season. I would also, like to thank Valley Converting and Ft. Steuben Mall for working with us every year on this worthwhile activity.”

Natalie Lysle, administrative assistant for the JB Green Team explained, according to the EPA, the total MSW recycled was 67.2 million tons, with paper and paperboard accounting for approximately 66 percent of the amount. Metals comprised about 12 percent while glass, plastic and wood made up about 4 percent.

“This is a perfect opportunity to help us remove even more paper from the solid waste stream while we help local food pantries,” Lysle said.

Paper items include but are not limited to newspapers, junk mail, cereal boxes, magazines and phone books.

All items should be placed into a box or paper bag or placed lose into the bin.

Paper plates, cups, napkins, candy wrappers or items soiled with food cannot be recycled.

America Recycles Day is a national program of Keep America Beautiful and is the only nationally recognized day and community-driven awareness event dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the country. Since its inception in 1997, communities across the country have participated in America Recycles Day on Nov. 15 to educate, promote environmental citizenship, and encourage action.

Keep America Beautiful supports the JB Green Team for their efforts in the Stock the Pantry-America Recycles Day event and commends their efforts to promote recycling in Jefferson and Belmont counties.

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