Keep Midland Beautiful holds Repurpose and Recycle Art Contest


MIDLAND, Texas — Keep Midland Beautiful is holding a Repurpose and Recycle Art Contest.

Students from all public and private elementary, junior high and high schools in Midland County can enter. There will be one winner from each age group for both categories.

Students should pick whether they will make a repurposed art project or a recycled art project. Participants can also enter both categories.

To participate you should submit a before and after of your art project, as well as a video briefly explaining the project. Artists should include what items were used and why as well as what message the project is trying to convey.

Once you have created the art project and the needed submission materials, you can turn in the project by posting it to social media using the appropriate hashtags and information.

Submissions should include either #MISDRepurposeProject or #MISDRecycleArtProject depending on the project you chose as well as #KMBenviromentalproject.

Your post should also list your name, which age group you are in and the category of art project. For example, ” Jane Doe  Elementary  Recycled Art”.

You can also email your entry to but make sure to include all relevant information.

The deadline to turn in an art project is April 22, or Earth Day.

Students will be graded on the amount of items used, their creativity, how complicated the project is and how useful the item is.

The contest will be judged by local teachers.

Winners will receive a Keep Midland Beautiful t-shirt and a swag bag.

To see the full judging rubric as well as project ideas you can visit the Keep Midland Beautiful website.

The 4th of our 4 part series one Recycle Rights for Wisdom Wednesday… . In Midland, we can recycle 1 and 2 plastics. Look for the recycle triangle for a 1 or 2. Please do not include trash bags, recycle bags or plastic bags of any kind, those are a NO.

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