King of the Road: How Advanced Disposal Practices Safe Driving

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Advanced Disposal strives to be an industry leader in promoting safe driving practices in all the communities we serve.   We train and equip our collection crew supervisors with the knowledge and tools they need to keep track of how our CDL drivers are performing and to ensure the safest driving practices possible for everyone’s protection on the road.  Here are just a few ways Advanced Disposal is reinforcing safe driving procedures among employees.

Once a driver is hired at Advanced Disposal, a rigorous training program begins that starts with two and a half days of classroom training followed by ten days of on-the-road training with a qualified lead driver. After training, only properly trained, qualified, and authorized Advanced Disposal employees are allowed to drive a company vehicle. The Smith System, a professional driver training process, is used to train drivers regarding ”Space Cushion Driving” which helps avoid collisions.  Drivers are also trained on OSHA topics and must be qualified per DOT.  Along with training, drivers must also have clean driving records, the ability to meet DOT medical standards, and are drug free. Each driver receives a monthly observation from supervisors to verify driving habits are consistent with company standards as well as monthly training to keep drivers up to date on new practices and requirements.

All drivers are required to obey traffic laws and drive defensively at all times.  Following speed limits are of utmost concern due to the size and weight of our vehicles in any location, but with special attention paid in school zones and where children play. Right-side routing is used on collection routes as an additional line of defense. This means residential collection is made from the right side of the road; crisscrossing the street to service a residence is prohibited. To ensure drivers are following safe driving practices, DriveCam  cameras have been installed to record events triggered by abrupt actions. The cameras capture 8 seconds before the incident in question and 4 seconds after. This video is uploaded automatically and is reviewed by managers.  The managers then share the event with the driver in order to correct any risky driving behaviors before an accident occurs, and commend drivers who are driving safely. Advanced Disposal is also installing backing sensors in most of its trucks.  The backing sensors provide an audible alarm for drivers while backing and will automatically engage the brakes if an object comes within six feet of the back of the truck.  In addition to backing sensors, drivers are instructed to back up only if there is no other viable option.

Along with having great waste removal and recycling services, Advanced Disposal locations are also ‘Neighborhood Certified’, meaning employees are held to the highest safety standards.  Advanced Disposal cares about you and wants to make certain you, your family and your neighborhood are kept as safe as possible.

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