Lane-Van Driel: Trash, recycling plan to save residents about $110 a year should be debated openly


The Apache Junction City Council is considering a plan that would save the average resident about $110 a year on their trash bill through a contract with the people who own the Apache Junction Landfill.  That should be cause to celebrate. Unfortunately, some people sent an anonymous mailer spreading tall tales about the plan. They didn’t sign their names to it. Why? What are they hiding? 

Connie Lane-Van Driel

In response, a very open and public effort to set the record straight has been initiated. Why? Because they have nothing to hide. Because they are proud to be part of this community. 

are some facts. Under the plan being negotiated with Apache Junction,
Republic Services would be the sole trash hauler in Apache Junction. They were chosen after a competition. This means there would be far
fewer garbage trucks on the roads as schedules are unified. It’s a more
efficient system that costs less money. Combine that with the fact that
Republic Services owns the landfill and you get trash rates that are among the lowest in the Phoenix metro area. 

Under the proposed plan, trash rates would be $10.71 a month for twice-weekly pickup and once a month bulk trash. Those who want recycling have that option.  Any small rate hikes would be tied to the Consumer Price Index, which is a fancy way of saying they would be tied to the rate of inflation. That’s how any company would do business. 

Two other companies submitted proposals for this city contract. They are both based in Houston. They do not own a landfill nearby. What they could promise in terms of price and service did not measure up in the eyes of the City of Apache Junction officials.

It was indeed a very competitive process. And it is a process used by every other city in Arizona the size of Apache Junction or larger. That’s because single hauler systems are proven to save citizens money and be better for local infrastructure and the environment 

The level of service in the proposal includes two cans (standard trash and recycling) and a level of customer service the city has come to expect in dealing with a local landfill. 

A few years ago, some out-of-towners tried to close down the Apache Junction Landfill so they could make a quick buck on a rival landfill. 

I would be very interested to learn more about the folks behind the anonymous mailer. Who are they? What are their motives?  Why do they want to keep your rates high? We don’t need those kinds of people meddling in our business.  

If you want to learn more about the plan to improve trash hauling, no detective work is required. Just email the local landfill at 

I hope you will reach out to them because there is a big difference between trash talking and talking about trash.  

Connie Lane-Van Driel
Apache Junction

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