Learn To Declutter, Recycle, & Organize at Boomers Leading Change Oct 7 Event


BLC Experience U Program – $10 | 4PM | Wed, Oct 7 | 
REGISTER NOW: go.boomersleadingchange.org/tidy

Fall is here and now is a good time to tidy up your messy home office or clean up all that stuff you never use in your garage and basement. Like most people you probably have a cabinet, closet or spare bedroom where the clutter of books, papers and files has become overwhelming. We’re here to help!

Join us Wednesday, October 7, as Boomers Leading Change (BLC) once again helps you declutter, recycle, and donate your stuff and get a fresh start. As a sequel to our August presentation, our expert presenters are back to show you the value of Downsizing and Decluttering your life. This session of BLC Experience U demonstrates the value of embracing an anti-consumerist lifestyle starting at home by buying less stuff, recycling and organizing your space. 

Professional Organizer Theresa Cashman will provide tips to help you declutter.

One of our panelists – Theresa Cashman of Clearing Space – will share her secrets to downsizing, rightsizing, and organizing your living space. She will also provide a much-needed perspective on the psychology of our stuff – including our attachments, our clutter, and how to learn to let go. 

Our presentation will tackle clutter like messy file folders and help you organize.

We’re also hosting a representative from the Freecycle Network, a grassroots online non-profit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Freecycle participants believe in donating and reusing items. So, rather than throwing away older and/or unused items like furniture, electronics, keepsakes, kitchen and household goods and other stuff, Freecycle online groups post items for free while individuals also post items they are looking for online. It’s a win-win for everybody!

This Oct 7 event will sell out quickly, so please REGISTER NOW: go.boomersleadingchange.org/tidy

For more information regarding Boomers Leading Change please email us at: Info@BoomersLeadingChange.org or

Be sure to visit our web site at: www.BoomersLeadingChange.org.

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