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Coca-Cola and Dasani water are displayed in a New York grocery store in this file photo. Citing environmental concerns, colleges increasingly are banning or restricting plastic water bottles, unnerving the $22 billion retail packaged-water industry. Opponents say a ban will only drive students to sweetened drinks. (ADAM ROUNTREE/Bloomberg News)

Our community recycling efforts need some education, attention and guidance. Recent surveys by Greenpeace indicate that most single-use plastics are hard to recycle and end up in landfills.

Consumers need better packaging options. Businesses should be required to step up and provide bins and follow best practices, especially those that are responsible for producing the bulk of the recyclables.

I’ve contacted the City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation, University of Nebraska, Breslow Hockey Center and numerous recycling companies and unfortunately have never received a reply or response to my questions or suggestions.

When my family attends big events or local tournaments, I simply cannot rely on there being a recycling container for drink bottles, so we take them home, but it’s not enough. Thousands go to the landfill each week. My family recently attended a local event that handed out more than 1,000 water bottles, and we could not find one recycling bin!

I’m really disappointed in my community. I love Lincoln, and I know we can do better, together.

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