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Recycling must become legislatively mandated or become a tragic failure.

The No. 1 priority is that we must reduce the amount of plastic produced and reduce the amount of plastic consumed, using legal means if necessary! Second, we must chip and or shred every thing that goes into the landfill, with resulting metals magnetically removed for recycling.

Public sorting at the curbside must be mandatory, with bins randomly tested to ensure compliance, and fines for those who don’t comply. Asking for voluntary compliance is no longer an option.

Here are essential elements of a recycling system: The public must sort recycling at the curbside (again by law, if necessary). Composting for food waste, cardboard, paper, and yard debris. All of these items can go in the yard debris cart as there is no longer a market for paper and cardboard. Glass and metals must be recycled.

The landfill is for everything else, including plastics, all chipped or shredded. There is a worldwide glut and no market for plastics, so shredding and chipping plastics into the landfill is needed for now until there is a market re-established.

The landfill area must include: crushers for glass, rock, concrete; methane collectors to act as fuel for producing electricity for homes, trucks, and tractors; shredders or chippers for everything that goes into landfill, especially plastics; and a clay and plastic pit liner to contain effluents with an effluent treatment facility.

Without mandatory compliance and the above-mentioned equipment and facilities, recycling will fail.

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