Local News: E-waste recycling day to be Tuesday in Sikeston (6/5/20)


Joel Boon helps unload electronics during an E-waste roundup event held Aug. 16, 2018, at Carnell’s Body Shop in Sikeston. Another E-waste roundup is planned to be held at Carnell’s Body Shop on Tuesday.

David Jenkins/Standard Democrat

SIKESTON — Area residents looking for an easy way to properly dispose of their electronics will have the opportunity to so during the upcoming e-Waste 2020 Recycling Day.

From 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, electronic items ranging from TVs, monitors, computers, audio, video and office equipment will be accepted at Carnell’s Collision Repair, 700 Tanner, 417 North Main in Sikeston. The e-Waste event is sponsored by Bootheel Solid Waste Management District.

“It’s time to clean out your basement and closets again,” said Scott County First District Commissioner Dennis Ziegenhorn, who also serves as the chair of the Solid Waste Management Committee.

A truck will be parked at the corner of Tanner and North Main Streets in Sikeston to receive any of the items being accepted. Social distancing guidelines will be followed.

“This collection allows people to get rid of electronic items they don’t want around anymore,” he said.

Acceptable items include computer equipment such as servers, desktop PCs, laptops, netbooks, Macs, tablets, keyboards, mice, speakers, modems, routers, cables, software and all components and accessories. Other electronics accepted include radios, VHS, Betamax, DVD, Blu-ray, DVR and Laserdisc players, cable and satellite receivers, digital and film cameras as well as audio equipment such as receivers, amplifiers, speakers MP3 players, microphones, cassette decks, 8-tracks, CD players and more. Office equipment accepted includes printers, copiers, scanners, faxes and ink/toner cartridges.

Items can be dropped off for free.

“We would also like to thank David Carnell for letting use his location as the drop-off point year after year,” Ziegenhorn said.

For more information, contact Kent Luke with Bootheel Solid Waste Management District in Dexter at (573) 614-5178, ext. 102 or email kluke@bootrpc.com.

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