Local recycling center helps break down what is and isn’t recyclable for Earth Day


Local recycling center helps break down what is and isn't recyclable for Earth Day WKBT, News8000.com

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LA CROSSE, Wisc. (WKBT) – At the Green Circle Recycling Plant, employees come across many items that need to be sorted out. 

“Plastic Bags, film, wrappers, candy bar wrappers, granola bar wrappers, flexible food wrappers, those should not be recycled,” explained Matt Harter, General Manager of Green Circle. 

Another commonly misplaced item is dirty recyclables. Bottoms of pizza boxes, dirty cans, anything with residue is unable to be recycled. 

A large reason for misplaced materials comes down to residents not fully knowing their recyclables. Possible other reasons for plastic bags, candy wrappers, and others appearing at a recycling center, are what Harter likes to call “Wishcyclers.” 

“People think the more they put into their recycling bin the more can get recycled, or if they’re not sure it can or not just throw it into the recycling bin,” added Harter. 

If an item is not picked out of the recycling, it could damage the final product and cost more labor. 

“Although you might want to put more in your recycling bin and have the feeling that the more in the bin the better,  anything that’s not on the acceptable list, keep out of the recycling bin because it does cause issues inside the recycling stream,” added the general manager. 

For those who are Wishcyclers do know that not all items that go into the trash are put in a landfill. The County of La Crosse has a contract with Xcel Energy to burn some trash to create energy.

For those confused on what is and isn’t recyclable, most municipalities have lists of what they do and do not accept on their website.  

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