Local recycling centers no longer accepting glass


Erie County officials are urging people to change their recycling habits. 

The Erie County Sustainability Coordinator, Brittany Prischak, says there hasn’t been much change over the last 10 years when it comes to the messaging of what is and isn’t acceptable to recycle.  Once recyclables are collected, they’re shipped, organized, and then sold.  

One of the materials that has little to no value anymore is glass.  County officials are encouraging people to keep glass out of their recycling bins. 

Prischak says, “Putting it in the bins, our recycling bins, and it’s not really a recyclable material, it’s gonna go to a landfill anyway. So, what we want to do is clean up that stream, we want to cut down on contamination rates, on top of that that actually saves money too because now there’s not all that processing costs and also the transportation for heavy material that isn’t acceptable.” 

If you are in a municipality that has a contract with a waste hauler, they’ll continue to collect glass until that contract is up.  

County officials say it will not be an overnight change, but more of a phase-out process.

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