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Marion Township Ending Recycling Service Oct. 31


October 18, 2019

Marion Township Ending Recycling Service Oct. 31

Marion Township residents will have to find an alternative for recycling as the service provided at the township hall is being discontinued.

For the past 2 years the township had offered recycling from Alchin’s Disposal for roughly $25,000. Though the service appeared to be popular, several problems arose. Marion Township Supervisor Bob Hanvey said contamination and a general mess around the area were a couple of the issues. Large amounts of non-recyclable materials have caused many loads to be sent to a landfill. Despite township officials requesting that materials be deposited it in bags, bags often filled the bin. Many of these plastic bags were also often found outside of the bin, floating around and making a mess.

Hanvey added that they didn’t have an ideal location for the bin, and its current location down the hill on the side of the building caused for some motorists to get stuck during icy, winter weather. Officials found the cost of paving a driveway and constructing a new platform for the bin to be too cost-prohibitive.

Hanvey said roughly 100 residents showed up at the last Board of Trustees meeting stating that they did not want the township selecting their garbage and recycling provider. Though he says he does not agree with that, they are listening to their constituents. As a result, the bin will be removed permanently on October 31st. Many residents have curbside recycling, but for those that this will affect, Hanvey says Recycle Livingston is an option they should check out. (MK)

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