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Napans driving up to the city recycling center to drop off yard trimmings, food scraps and construction detritus will soon pay more to do so.

A four-year series of fee increases approved by the City Council on Tuesday will take effect Nov. 1 at Napa’s materials diversion facility on Levitin Way south of town. Successive hikes are scheduled each July from 2020 to 2023 and will affect the per-ton gate fees charged to those hauling their own green waste and compostable food materials, as well as scrap wood, carpeting, drywall, concrete and asphalt.

Compostables that currently cost $55 a ton to bring into the Napa recycling center will be charged $60 starting next month, with the fee reaching $68 by 2023. The $44-per-ton gate fee on yard trimmings and untreated wood will go up to $49 in November and eventually to $57 in four years.

Napa will raise the gate fee on chipped wood, including broken-down trees and branches, from $30 to $35 per ton in November, then gradually bring it up to $43. A $70-a-ton charge for stumps will go to $75 next month and $83 by 2023.

Higher fees for self-hauling are expected to boost city revenue by $63,500 in the current fiscal year ending in June 2020, with that sum rising to $310,000 by 2023-24, according to Kevin Miller, city recycling manager.

The gate-fee increases will be the first by the city’s contractor Napa Recycling & Waste Services since 2016. A portion of the new revenue will be steered toward repayment of $12.5 million in bonds for major upgrades to the recycling center, including a covered composting system and state-required stormwater drainage improvements, according to the city.

Self-hauled material accounted for 19 percent of the Napa recycling center’s intake between 2015 and 2018, Miller said in a pre-meeting memorandum.

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