North Knoxville recycling facility fire officially extinguished


North Knoxville recycling facility fire coverage:

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Knoxville Fire Department says as of Friday afternoon and into the evening, the massive materials fire that broke out Wednesday has been extinguished. 

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The fire at Fort Loudon Waste & Recycling ultimately burned up to 2 acres of materials such as paper, cardboard, light wood and plastics, causing some air quality concerns, but fire crews were able to get to the core of the fire to put it out after it burned for over 48 hours. 

No injuries were reported and neighbors who evacuated from their residences nearby began returning on Friday. 

Crews remained on the scene Friday evening to check on hot-spots and monitor the site, but KFD officials saying they were thankful they were able to contain it and get it extinguished after a large effort. 

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