Ocean City Announces Holiday Trash, Recycling Collection Schedule


OCEAN CITY, NJ – Ocean City has announced its trash collection schedule for the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s. The following schedule will be in effect for trash, recycling and yard waste for the weeks of Dec. 24-29, and Dec. 31-Jan. 5:

  • Monday: South side of 34th Street to 59th Street
  • Tuesday: No collection
  • Wednesday: South side of 17th Street to North side of 34th Street
  • Thursday: South side of 9th Street to North side of 17th Street
  • Friday: South side of 3rd Street to North side of 9th Street
  • Saturday: Longport Bridge to North side of 3rd Street

Residents must use containers that are 32 gallons or smaller. Recycling and yard waste can’t be placed in plastic bags, and they must be in labeled containers. Christmas trees without decorations and not in bags will be collected throughout the month of January.

For more information on recycling or on Ocean City as a clean community, or to become a Clean Community volunteer, call the Ocean City Department of Community Operations at 609-399-6111, ext. 9711.

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