Oregon Recycling Seta Record With 2 Billion Containers In 2018


PORTLAND, OR – Oregonians have been hitting the bottle hard, setting records in the process. And every time that they did, they got 10 cents back for each bottle.

Oregonians recycled more bottles than ever in 2018.

In 2018, the Oregonian Beverage Recycling Cooperative says that about 2 billion containers were recycled, which was about 90 percent of all containers that could be redeemed. Two years ago, the number was about 55 percent.

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The Bend Bulletin, which first reported the increase, quotes the cooperative’s community relation manager, Joel Schoening, as saying there are two major factors for the increase: widening what kind of containers are available and doubling the deposit to 10 cents from a nickel.

“That dime did what it was supposed to,” Schoening told the paper.

Oregon first introduced the bottle deposit in 1971.

The graphic depiction of a heat map showing where the most containers were being redeemed via the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, which runs the recycling program for the state.

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