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City officials had good intentions to hold eight community meetings on the new trash and recycling system coming this summer.

These have been canceled for the time being like other public events and gatherings because of coronavirus concerns. However, the very first meeting, which drew an overflow crowd at Southwest Library last week, went a long way in addressing key aspects and answering questions from residents.

A key change, made possible through a $500,000 grant from a national nonprofit recycling organization, is that each household by the middle of July will receive two 96-gallon carts – tan for garbage, blue for recycling.

These carts must be placed curbside before 6:30 a.m. on the day of collection. Otherwise, they must be stored inside garages or off to the side of homes.

They will have barcodes specific for each house, and they will have a 10-year warranty.

Kier Powell, Kenosha waste supervisor, said the $7.7 million project includes the cost of 66,000 carts, a new fleet of 14 trucks, operational software and education.

“We are tied to these 95-gallon carts for the grant,” he told residents who expressed some concerns about the size of the carts.

“If we don’t use those 95-gallon carts, we don’t get that grant. But, the rest of it is being covered by the city.”

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