Paint peanuts for indoor Easter “egg” hunt – Recycled Crafts


First I want to tell you a story. Back when I was a kid in Connecticut one year it snowed on Easter. Needless to say there was no egg hunt outside. But always the clever adults herded all the kids (me and lots of my cousins) into the garage (where the “kid” table was and the fun) for a bit. When we came out we were given a paper bag and let loose in the house to hunt for peanuts. I swear it was so much fun as the decor of my grandparent’s house lent itself to hiding tan peanuts. I bet my grandparent were finding peanuts long after the holiday. This story comes to mind now that many may have to alter their plans this Easter. might I suggest getting a jump on decorating peanuts as an activity making an upcoming indoor hunt a bit more colorful. Over at this blog there are lots of fun painted peanuts like these cat paintings to inspire.

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