PDF patterns for you to transform paper and cardboard waste into beautiful 3D sculptures – Recycled Crafts


These 3D patterns are great to make your own paper / cardboard sculptures. It could be an animal trophy to hang on your wall, a paper lampshade, an object to put on your desk or even a mask for Halloween.
It is easier than what it seems, and it is a good way to relax (making this is therapeutic & bring self-reward once done).

First you will have to download a pattern (free paper sculpture templates if you want to try an easy model & they all come with complete instructions in English).
Then, you will have to print it on a thick recycled paper or cardboard.
Once you will have the printed pattern, you will have to check you have the following tools: a pair of scissors, a ruler, white paper glue and a tool to fold the paper (could be a scoring tool / cutter pencil or even a small knife).
Now, just follow the instructions: cut the parts, fold & glue them. It is easy, all the parts of the pattern are identified with edge number guide for easy assembly.
Once finished, you could personalize the sculpture according to your taste.

See them all at Ecogami Shop

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