Pine still has glass recycling, but changes could be coming


Friday, August 16, 2019 | 12:01 AM

Despite some confusion that arose recently, Vogel is still accepting glass recycling from residents in Pine Township.

Stephanie Olszewski, who is an administrative support assistant with the township, said she came back from vacation to a number of voicemails and emails from residents about the company no longer picking up recycling. Although she isn’t sure the exact origin of the misinformation, it appears some residents were told by Vogel customer service representatives that the company was no longer accepting glass. That information then found its way to social media and spread.

Although Vogel has stopped taking glass from some municipalities, nothing has changed in Pine Township, yet.

“They are to take glass,” Olszewski said. “It seems that it was just a miscommunication when residents called Vogel customer service.”

Olszewski posted an informational item to the township’s social media channels and website stating that the township has renewed its contract with Vogel effective later this year and that there will be changes to the glass recycling guidelines, but that the township has been assured that residents will be notified of any changes well before they take place.

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