RANA curbside recycling program awarded recycling grant funding


MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) awarded $500,000 in grants to the Solid Waste Disposal Authority of the City of Huntsville (SWDA) and its curbside recycling program, Recycling Alliance of North Alabama (RANA).

The City of Huntsville, Madison County, and the City of Madison will each receive a portion of funds from the ADEM’s 2020 Recycling Fund. The checks were awarded Monday.

The ADEM grant funds help with costs associated with the purchase of the 95-gallon rolling carts used in the new automated curbside recycling program. Since the start of the RANA program, more than 71,000 households have signed up for the program.

Breakdown of grant awards –

  • City of Huntsville – $200,000
  • Madison County – $200,000
  • City of Madison – $100,000

“We want to thank ADEM for their support of the RANA program and helping our curbside recycling program be successful,” said Doc Holladay, Executive Director of SWDA. “We know that the missions of both RANA and ADEM is to strive to provide sustainable options for our residents and be a community who cares about recycling and the environment we live.”

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