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Clearfield County’s recent electronic’s recycling and hazardous waste collection was a “great success.”

The Clearfield County Solid Waste Authority board was updated on the event — held April 27 — during Thursday’s meeting. Department Director Jodi Brennan said this was the sixth consecutive year for the collection.

“This was the largest registration we have had since starting our one-day event,” Brennan said. “The event was booked weeks before so we triple booked people and added an extra hour and a half to the event.”

She said the vendor, ESC&R, reported there were 211 residents who registered.

“Some who registered did not show, however there were enough who didn’t register that showed up to cancel out the no-shows,” Brennan said.

She said she is still waiting for the vendor to provide a report to the authority concerning the amount and weight of items and materials collected.

Brennan said the fall electronic’s recycling event has been scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 14, at the Clearfield County Jail. She said registration for the event has opened and the price per pound is unchanged from the spring event at 60 cents per pound.

“We already have people signing up for this,” Brennan told the authority.

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