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Mondi has worked with Reckitt Benckiser (RB) to launch fully recyclable, mono-material flexible packaging for its Finish Quantum Ultimate dishwasher tablets.

With the previous pouch made from a multilayer PET/PE laminate construction that wasn’t recyclable, Mondi was tasked with making a 100 per cent recyclable alternative that didn’t sacrifice the “high-end look and feel” of the original.

As it is a premium Finish product line, RB required the new stand-up pouch to be rigid but with a smooth appearance, while offering exact colour matching and a quality feel. According to Mondi, there could be “no compromise” in the barrier properties of the package, and it also needed to incorporate a recyclable zipper for ease of use in opening and closing the pouch.

The development process, which involved “dozens” of trials, resulted in a product with an “excellent” water vapour and oxygen barrier that could be used on a variety of form-fill-seal packaging lines, Mondi said.

The new packaging rolled out in Italy during May. Launches are to follow in Germany and the UK, before the product becomes available globally. RB said it was committed to making 100 per cent of its plastics packaging reusable or recyclable by 2025.

“Following our customer-centric EcoSolutions approach, we worked closely with RB to find the best solution and make this product fully recyclable without sacrificing the high-end look, feel and performance,” said Olivier Seux, global key account manager at Mondi Consumer Flexibles.

“We asked questions about the entire process and tailored various aspects to meet the customer’s precise needs.”

Seux said Mondi was committed to producing packaging that was sustainable by design. “We work together with our customers guided by EcoSolutions, which helps us create packaging that protects the customer’s products and the future of our planet.”

Krzysztof Krajewski, RB’s director of packaging sustainability for hygiene, said the work Mondi had put into the project was greatly appreciated.

“Mondi had a great, hands-on approach and was very agile,” said Krajewski. “We’re pleased that Mondi is an RB innovation partner and part of our company’s ‘Partners-to-innovate’ (PtI) signature programme established by our R&D. From the ideation to launch, we’re with our partners every step of the way.”

More information from Mondi, Building 1, 1st floor, Aviator Park, Station Road, Addlestone, Surrey  KT15 2PG, UK. Tel: 44 1932 826 300. Web:

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