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I had the day off Friday. Gayle and I loaded up the car with our recyclables – and I mean loaded up the car – the Explorer was full. You can recycle for free at the old landfill in Rockford. I’ve been recycling as long as I can remember and I recall my mother was one of the first to get recycling going in our community in Illinois. You may have seen the recycling raccoons on TV – here’s their website with recycling rules…some rules have changed. For instance, it’s best to not put recyclables in plastic bags. I saved the newspapers and office paper for the Paper Gator at church.

Fall colors at the Rockford Dam

While we’re not quite to peak color, there sure is some nice color out there now…check out these red trees by the Rockford Dam. There were a few cirrus clouds in the sky (enough for a nice sun dog in the late afternoon), but the sun was pleasant and warm.

Flowers in downtown Rockford

Rockford does a nice job with their seasonal flowers. I noticed several honeybees bouncing from flower to flower here.

Rockford Dam on the Rogue River Friday 10 18 19

There continues to be well above average flow at the Rockford Dam. As of Friday evening, the flow here at the dam was 362 cubic feet per second, compared to an average flow of 161 cfs. Gayle and I stopped to watch a fish that sat close to the dam in a calmer spot. Gayle (who has done a lot more fishing than me) thought it was a trout.

New walkway south of Bridge St. on the west side of the Rogue River

There is a relatively new walkway on the west side of the river, south of the dam and south of Bridge St.

Fishing downstream of the Rockford Dam

Down the walkway, we spotted a lone fisherman. In the fall, chinook salmon (kings), coho salmon and an occasional brown trout draw fishers to the Rogue River. Here’s more on fishing the Rogue.

Cleaning up PFAs by the site of the old tannery

This is north (upstream) of the dam. I’m walking the the wooden path on the west side of the river looking east. I’m guessing this is PFAs removal by the site of the old tannery.

Two turtles on a log in the Rogue River

I saw a variety of wildlife. There were happy, chirping birds, ducks in the river, geese flying overhead and these two turtles, catching some rays on a log in the river. I passed a dozen people – half of them walking dogs – on the trail. Pretty much everyone said “hi”.

Also Friday, I managed to mow almost all of the backyard, put weed and feed on the front yard, fill the bird feeders and clean the bird bath, write a postcard to my mother and took care of the mail. In the evening, we had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Peter Chan Sr. Peter Chan Jr. – the meteorologist who used to be on TV and radio here in West Michigan – is currently working with the National Weather Service in Elko, Nevada.

Have a good day and thanks for reading my blog.

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