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PLEASANT PRAIRIE — Fees for garbage and recycling collection in the village will increase $2 a month starting this month.

The Village Board on Monday approved the rate increase.

The increase is needed due to the increased cost of recycling, according to village officials.

The 2019 solid waste budget includes $365,925 for operating costs for curbside recycling collection.

However, the recyclable processing cost, which is not in the village’s control, is projected to be $459,500, according to information provided by the village.

A fee increase of $1 per month for all residents was included in the 2019 solid waste utility budget, effective during 2019 when water and sewer rates changes are implemented.

The sewer and water rates are now being implemented this month, and recycling processing costs are projected to be another $100,000 greater in 2020 compared to 2019.

Prior to the changes, garbage/recycling rates in Pleasant Prairie were $16.50 per month for automated collection and $17.50 for unlimited collection.

With the increase, the new rates will be $18.50 and $19.50 respectively.

Public Works Director John Steinbrink Jr. said residents can help bring down recycling costs by keeping recyclables loose, not bagged, in the recycling art.

“Recyclables in plastic bags are considered contaminated then dumped in the landfill, which costs the village $150 per ton to dump,” he said. “We annually dump 352 tons of recyclables in the landfill every year because the recyclables are contained in plastic bags.

“The community is doing a great job keeping recyclables loose in their carts, but we need to increase this effort to not only help the environment but also bring collection costs down.”

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